Thursday, January 17, 2008

transform bitmap to vector

1. open your illustrator, and place your bitmap into illustrator workspace

2. basicly im always make a 3 step to make vector picture: outline, color and shadow

3. now i will show you how i made the outline color and shadow

well that's how i usually make vector object, i hope it working for you..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Digi Graphyx

Digi Graphyx | download


Special Edition | download

vol5 | download

vol4| download

vol3.2 | download

vol3.1 | download

vol2 | download

vol1 | download

Monday, October 8, 2007

Garis Putih Graphic Design Profile


CG Choosen

CG Choosen | environments | download(copy this link to your download manager)

The most beautiful CG Girls | download

Monster & creatures | download

photoshop tutorial from

Making Planet

Transforming an inferior render into superior artwork

Matte painting: winter

Matte Painting: Dark house

find much more tutorial, follow this link

From sketch to screen
In his first Computer Arts tutorial, TechVector’s Reggie Gilbert shows you a quick and simple way to create a stylised spray-can illustration from a simple sketch or photograph using a range of tools in Illustrator. follow this link

Expert color
In the final part of his three-part Illustrator masterclass on creating Japanese-style digital skin art, Derek Lea explains how you can use the application's features to add stunning colour to your artwork. follow this link
Work with perspective
In part two of his Illustrator masterclass, Derek Lea explains how symbol usage, feather effects and clipping masks can be used to add texture, colour and perspective to your tattoo-style illustration. follow this link
Japanese Style Tattoos
In part one of his new Adobe Illustrator masterclass on digital skin art, Derek Lea reveals the benefits of using template layers and explains the intricacies of creating and working with custom brush strokes. follow this link

Drawing figures from photos
The Boy Fitz Hammond shows you how to create a character in Illustrator CS using your eyes, some photos and the all-important Pen tool. follow this link

Design a custom typeface
There may be tens of thousands of fonts out there, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own custom type solution for a unique logo... follow this link

Screen Printing Tricks
Ever wanted to make your own printed T-shirts but didn’t fancy the expense? Jason Arber reveals a cheap and easy way to make a pseudo screen-printed T-shirt using Illustrator, an embroidery hoop and a pair of tights. follow this link

Work smart with symbols
Computer Arts newcomer, web and graphic designer Nick La, reveals the tricks you need to recreate this striking Chinese bamboo illustration using only the power of Symbolism tools in Illustrator. follow this link

Trace and Paint
Use Adobe Illustrator CS2 to ink and colour a traditional comic-style drawing. follow this link


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